Some people just have business in their blood – they never had to consciously take that first step.

Everyone’s heard of them: the people who had that golden touch from the moment they were born, started minor ventures from a very young age and just kept going, heading upward and developing into prominent entrepreneurs.

But many more people choose to explore the world of enterprise later in their career. They may have years of experience working on staff, possibly even in a highly business-oriented job. Their expertise will be invaluable.

Starting a business is especially hard for people who are leaving a solid career. What are you giving up? And what would you be getting out of it?

The most important advantage, of course, is that sense of freedom and flexibility, having the room to decide your next step independently. Being in charge is energizing, inspiring – but you often have to make some financial sacrifices at the beginning.

So it is a big step, involving a long-term investment. But if you have enough ambition to keep heading upward, you could make a great entrepreneur. Where do you start? And can you be sure that your chosen approach will yield the results you’re looking for?