What I want is a business deal – the kind of deal that combines those critical elements of focus, flexibility and opportunism. Let me explain, and I’ll introduce you to some of my background as well.


I am investing in start-ups in the field of IT Services/Consultancy. My primary focus is on the man/woman (or team) who will be managing the company, assuming shared ownership and mutual willingness to invest.

  • Management needs to have solid and relevant experience in the field of expertise in which the start-up company will operate.
  • Preferred individuals include practice managers, service delivery managers, managing consultants, or...
  • Any other motivated person from middle management who isn’t just interested in being self-employed, but has the ambition to grow into a managing partner in his or her own company.
  • As a people manager, this person will manage and expand the practice.
  • People who have a solid technical background combined with commercial experience naturally take precedence. Teams that also include a sales management background will also be welcome, under certain conditions.

The anticipated start-up should specialize in a strong trend, preferably linked to a new development in business administration or management and supported (or even built) by a software vendor that is not yet in the Big Three (Microsoft, Oracle or SAP).

The software vendor needs to be prepared to work with (consultancy) partners. At first, the start-up company will focus exclusively on the ‘billable hours’ aspect of the business (consulting, implementation, maintenance and support, service) and act as a consulting partner to the chosen software vendor. The software vendor’s clients / end users (who will eventually also become clients of the start-up company) are among the top 100 companies in the Netherlands or the Benelux. The clientele are drawn from one or more of the following sectors: Financial, Insurance, Pharma, Media/Leisure, Telco/Utilities. I prefer (horizontal) IT applications that could potentially be deployed in all market segments.


Of course, I’ve already given some thought to trends and developments that are likely to continue in the coming years, offering nice opportunities for financial gain. However, I know from experience that an outsider is always going to miss some tiny yet crucial aspect.

What I’m seeking is that perfect combination of people who want to run their business and a developing market that needs to be served. If the combination looks good to me, I am willing to give it a try, even if it’s not exactly what I describe as my focus. Flexibility opens up opportunities.


In many cases, you can simply sense whether something is ‘right’. I can take swift action if necessary – after all, I’ve done it many times before. Tailoring our cooperation to the situation, we’ll draw up a business plan and an investment prospectus, set out our partnership in various notarized contracts (management contracts, shareholders agreements, financial loan contracts) and establish the new BV – a private company with limited liability. Of course there needs to be some degree of personal rapport first; as far as I’m concerned, opportunism is balanced out by the adage that you always do business on the basis of trust. If that aspect is equally auspicious, we’ll find out soon enough the first time we meet in person.

Will today be the day that you take the most important step in your entrepreneurial career? Will you make it happen?

and find out!